Under the guidance of Dr. Sheheryar Jovindah

For good or ill, our families — of origin or the ones we choose — shape us all in some way. A family’s influence on its members is lifelong, and counselors must keep that effect in mind as they seek to understand and treat individual clients.

We will be offering individual therapy sessions for parents having children with special needs and for parents having difficult children. We understand that having a child with special needs can in itself become a challenge for the family.

The parents of children with special needs have been reported to be at a greater risk to develop psychological problems because of the challenges that they have to face. We will be offering sessions that focus on issues such as stress, how to deal with the behavioral problems of special needs children, management and development of schedules for children and emotional management.

There are several issues that parents today face while dealing with adolescents like personal space, generation gap, drugs, smoking and others. We will be offering counseling services for parents to deal with these challenges while maintaining a friendly relationship with children.