Under the guidance of Dr. Sheheryar Jovindah

Individual therapy sessions will be offered for children to help them cope with the emotional and behavioral issues. Characteristics and behaviors associated with emotional disturbance and/or behavioral problems may include: aggressive or anti-social behavior,  inattentiveness, distractibility and impulsiveness, impaired social interactions, a general inability to cope with the routine of daily tasks, obsessive and repetitive behaviors, attention-seeking behaviors such as negative interactions or a poor attitude towards work, peers or teachers  and depressed behaviors such as withdrawal, anxiety and mood swings. 

Internalization and Externalization issues are common in school going children. They face Challenges at school like bullying, Victimization, unfair comparisons, underachievement and others. We will be offering therapy sessions for children to cope with the anxiety, anger, depression and low self esteem which are a product of problems faced by children at school and home.