Under the guidance of Dr. Sheheryar Jovindah


Group Therapy is a unique mode of therapy and is especially helpful while dealing with issues such as overcoming addictions, and coping with traumatic issues such as sexual and physical abuse.

Group therapy is a therapeutic method where (usually) six to 15 participants with similar problems receive therapy together led by a trained therapist. It is unique because clients don’t just interact and learn from the therapist but also from peers and their shared stories and experiences. It is a rich experience and a great way to draw collective strength while dealing with difficulties.

While the idea of sharing details about one's personal life amidst a group of potential strangers may come across as daunting, group therapy provides a safe space to learn from and interact with other people going through similar problems. It is also a great platform to improve social skills and get constructive feedback on how to deal with problematic situations.