Under the guidance of Dr. Sheheryar Jovindah

Growing up is not always easy and it can be especially turbulent in the pre-teen and teenage years. Just like adults, children in this age also suffer from distress and emotional highs and lows although the stresses may be different than those for adults. The aim of therapy in this age is to provide a nurturing space where adolescent problems can be identified, discussed and managed in a way that maximizes the chances of well-being and emotional and social success of the child at home, in school and among peers.

Some of the stresses facing teenagers/adolescents include dealing with peer pressure, managing the burden of studies, resolving conflict with parents as well as peers, suffering from self-esteem issues, rebellious outbursts, as well as bullying. Therapy can also help children cope and deal with issues that occur in turbulent parental marriages as well as parents who have been divorced or are undergoing separation or divorce. Other serious issues such as sexual and physical abuse are also sought help for through therapy. Therapy can be used to help the child develop their strengths and gain a deeper understanding of self. Therapy can thus provide for the effective coping of emotionally and physically taxing situations faced by adolescents, in a way that improves their physical and emotional well-being and functioning.