Under the guidance of Dr. Sheheryar Jovindah

Therapy Center and Counselling Services

Mind Professionals is a multidisciplinary therapy center with a team of qualified and dedicated experts. We offer a wide range of services, across the age spectrum to meet the needs of adults, seniors, and pediatric patients, so you have to look no further.

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Our Advantages

All Ages
Children, Adolescents, Adults and Seniors
Personalized Treatment
Every child, teenager and adult receives individualized care
Multidisciplinary Care
Experts in their respective fields working together to provide the best possible care
All Conditions
Addressing all mental health difficulties
Specialist Therapists
Highly qualified, UK & USA trained professionals
Calming Environment
We ensure a safe, confidential, relaxing and professional environment
Under One Roof
One-stop therapy center for mental health
Staff Supervision
Team supervised and led by a UK-qualified dual-trained psychiatrist
Purpose-Built Facility
Soundproofed walls, specialized room for sensory therapy, and an overall empathetic environment
Mind Professionals Therapy Center Presents
Bright Side School for Children with Special Needs

Meet the Team

Shabana Majeed

Shabana Majeed

Consultant Speech-Language Pathologist Find out More
Omar Tauseef

Omar Tauseef

Consultant Therapist and Counsellor Find out More
We’re making it possible for you to reach out and get help
without even having to pick up the phone.


Psychologist / Therapist or Psychiatrist?

A therapist / psychologist uses therapeutic and counseling skills to help their clients better deal with their issues, problems or difficulties. They rely on various approaches, and often choose one or a combination of more than one approach that is best suited to each client’s individual needs.

A psychiatrist is a qualified medical professional (i.e. a medical doctor), and relies primarily on pharmacotherapy, i.e. the prescription of medication, to help their patients with their problems. A psychiatrist is also qualified to make an assessment and provide a diagnosis based on the client's current situation or condition and help them chart a plan for management and recovery.

Here at Mind Professionals, our therapists and psychiatrists work together in a multi-disciplinary fashion, providing you the best care possible.